The Benefits of Living in Lewes, Delaware

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Real Estate

Lewes, Delaware is an idyllic destination for people looking to buy a new home. Situated on the Delaware Bay and Bayshore, it offers a mild climate and plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy the beautiful coastal terrain. Its downtown area provides an array of restaurants, galleries, and shops to explore, offering a unique lifestyle opportunity.

Real estate options in Lewes

There are a selection of real estate options in Lewes, DE, such as single-family homes, condos, townhomes, vacant lots, and land parcels for sale with some of the best waterfront views in the East Coast. Moreover, property taxes in Lewes are much lower than in many other areas of the country, and theres no sales tax. This attracts new businesses and business owners, bringing jobs to the local economy and furthering its growth. 

A beautiful town of history, culture and beauty

The town of Lewes also has a rich and varied past, having been originally inhabited by Native Americans followed by Dutch and Quaker settlers, and originally founded back in 1631. Today, its a popular tourist destination and features attractive beaches, trails, museums, galleries, and shops, as well the historic 'Lightship Overfalls', the last lightship built for the U.S. lighthouse service, which is now a Museum and a must for the seafarers amongst you - also offering spectacular views of the coastal scenery.

For the everyday resident, there is no shortage of activities and places to enjoy in this charming town. From the delightful weekly farmer’s market, to one of the East Coast’s best 5-k races, this town has something for everyone. With its friendly and supportive community, it’s no wonder so many people choose to call Lewes their home.

Real Estate Market in Lewes Delaware

House prices can vary depending on the locality and amenities available, but if you are willing to search, then it is possible to find small properties for as little as $250,000, though the current median for single family homes is $615,000. Buyers can expect to find ample living spaces on large lots with modern amenities. The desirable location of Lewes also makes it attractive to potential buyers who appreciate its small town atmosphere as well as its proximity to nearby beach resorts and parks. Demand for homes in the area is high and the current trend is for prices to increase gradually over time. 

As you can see, Lewes is a great place to live for many reasons. If you require further information about purchasing property in Sussex County, or relocating to Lewes, DE, get in touch with Joe Maggio today.